7 Simple Hacks For An Everyday Fresh Face

I don’t know about you, but I love when the Fresh Face Gods bless me! It’s those mornings where you wake up, and then BAM! Your face is just glowing, smooth, even, and more flawless than usual. There are a few things you can do to help ensure you wake up like that every morning. Try these 7 hacks for an everyday fresh face. The results aren’t immediate, but continuing to do them will definitely show worthy results.

Drink a Shitload of Water

Photo by Snapwire on Pexels.com

Not kidding. This is so important! Most people don’t drink nearly enough water each day, let alone enough to radiate flawless skin. When your body is hydrated, it shows in your skin. Chapped lips? Get to chuggin, my friend. Chapped lips are a common sign that your body needs more water. (Although, I know, some people just have chapped lips!)

And if you’re really feeling wild, add some fresh lemon wedges to your water. Lemon water tastes bomb and does wonders for your skin. Hello, glow!

Steam, Essentially

white casserole with gray spoon on black surface

Grab those vials of essential oil to cook up some beauty- your face! Here’s how:

  1. boil some water
  2. pour the water into a large bowl
  3. add drops of lavender and rose (or use rose petals)
  4. hover your face over the bowl for 10 mins
  5. relax and hydrate that face!

To help trap the steam, you can throw a towel over your head to cradle the bowl. This creates a little happy hut of steam for your face.

Massage Your Face

Facial Massage

We touch our faces all day, but when do we massage them? Now’s your chance.

And make sure your hands are clean! CLICK HERE for an awesome article with different techniques on how to properly massage your face. Who knew we were already equipped with the tools we need to uplift our face!? You can always buy a face roller, too. But hey, we like free!

Cold Water Wash

smiling woman with brown hair
Model: Cienah Akesa Photographer: Audrey Fretz @parkstreet_

I hate showering in cold water, but love a nice cold face rinse. Washing your face in cold water helps give it a revived and refreshed look!

Make the water a nice cool and crisp temperature, then wash your face with your favorite facial cleansing product. If you’re going to use products, be sure to use a mild cleaner. Alternatively, you can just wash your face with only water and dab dry with a clean towel. *sigh* Now that’s refreshing!

Wash Your Damn Pillowcase

white bed pillow on brown wooden bed frame
Photo by Deconovo on Unsplash

You heard me! Take those pillowcases off and throw them in the washer. A clean pillow is very necessary to a fresh face. Bacteria and other normal face oils will build up on your pillow over time. If you want to go the extra mile, you can make the swap to silk pillows. I know, it sounds extra. But what wouldn’t you do for that flawless fresh face of yours?

And if you’re a drooler, you may want to have some extra sets to swap out on the regular. Don’t be ashamed, just be prepared.

Yoga To The Rescue

silhouette photography of woman doing yoga

Downward dog is such a powerful pose. Holding downward dog gets your blood flowing and helps bring some life to your face. Your skin benefits from all that extra blood flowing to your face!

If you can’t nail that position, really any bending over position will work. Get the blood flowing to your head, take some deep breaths, and return back to center. Namaste.

Go Nighty Night

woman sleeping on bed under blankets

Getting 8 or more hours of sleep really benefits your body in more ways than one. Feeling refreshed and alert helps you look fresh and alert. Besides all of the expert advice on how important sleep really is, do your own experiment. Take some pictures of your face on the mornings you don’t get 8 hours of sleep. Also take pictures of your face on the mornings you got 8+ hours of sleep. Now compare and decide for yourself!

An additional tip is to sleep on your back. As silly as it sounds, the extra pressure of smooshing your face against the pillow is the opposite of avoiding wrinkles. Ever fall asleep on your hand and wake up with a faceprint? Yea, you’re doing that for hours at a time at night.

Let Me Know What You Tried!

I hope you enjoyed these tips and try them. Drop me a comment below if any of these things work for you. Let me know of your own personal experiences that have helped you keep a fresh face. We’re all just trying to look and feel our best, share the wealth!

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