8 Awesome Pieces of Advice For Starting Your Fitness Journey

Most people in fitness will tell you that starting or just showing up is the hardest part. It’s true. Even if you only workout for 10 minutes a day, at least you showed up and got it done. So, hello to all my beginner workout buds. Let’s explore some more awesome pieces of advice for starting your fitness journey.

1. Dress For Success

Thinking about what other tattoo she’s going to get that’s still visible in workout gear

It’s not just a saying for nailing your interview or your first day on the job. Dressing for success can apply to working out, too. One of my favorite things about working out is the cute outfits I get to wear! Hit up Ross, TJ Maxx, or any of your favorite stores for some workout gear.

Feeling good in the skin you’re in helps when you feel good in the clothes you’re in.

2. Listen To Your Body

woman wearing black sports bra
Chocolate Queen feeling in tune with her star player

All too often we see these fad diets or regimens that are supposed to make us lose a million pounds in 5 seconds. Here’s the thing- if it doesn’t feel right, stop it. You have to listen to your body no matter what you’re doing. That doesn’t mean to stop working out just because it’s hard or you don’t feel like it. It means to not overwork yourself and keep yourself well-nourished.

Starving yourself to lose a few pounds isn’t worth it in the end. You actually will just gain it all back and feel worse about.

3. Drink Water Like It’s Your F*ckin’ Job

woman in white tank top pouring water on clear drinking glass
random girl pouring up some cucumber draaank

Hydration is incredibly important. Even if you’re not going to sweat your ovaries off each day, you need to be drinking a shit-ton of water. It’s the good stuff, trust me. The best thing to do is plan ahead for when you need extra hydration. If you know you’re going to workout that day, make sure you’re staying more hydrated than normal. If you’re drinking and know you’re going to workout the next day, chug a bottle of water or two before bed. It’ll battle your hangover and help you survive the next day’s workout.

A motivating water jug

Have you seen people sporting some extra cute water bottles on social media? Here’s a hint- you can get them on Amazon.

4. Take A Rest Day Or Two

This kind of goes hand in hand with listening to your body, but I wanted to point it out as a separate item. There will be times where you’re on a freaking roll and don’t want to stop. There is a such thing as burning yourself out no matter how motivated you think you are. We all need rest days every once in a while. The trick is to make it an active recovery day.

woman in white tank top and white pants bending her body by the window
Dang she’s flexible

If you’re afraid you’ll lose your workout momentum and habit, make your rest day consist of lighter and easier movement. Don’t push yourself to the limit every single day. An active recovery day can be a combo of an ab workout and stretching, or just stretching. Maybe it’s even a light walk in a park or around your neighborhood. Even more, you can actually rest and do zero forms of exercise at least one day a week to give your body a rest.

5. Only Eat When You’re Hungry

Some of you may know by now that I have participated in a wellness journey called Naturally Slim (now called Wondr). It was free for me to sign up through my insurance, so I did. And man, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made for my fitness life. I wish I knew this neat little trick from the beginning, so I’m sharing it with you!

As you go about your day, notice how your body feels. If you’re hungry, eat. If you’re not, don’t. It’s that simple! A lot of times we find ourselves eating out of habit or just because “it’s time to”. I noticed that I’m actually not hungry at all first thing in the morning the majority of the time. I actually feel hungry around 11am.

Some other things I learned to do in combo with this:

  • Drink a combo of 2 parts orange juice, 1 part water throughout the day
  • Don’t wait until you’re starving to eat, then you’ll overeat
  • Eat your favorite food first
  • Eat consciously without distractions
  • Chew slowly and really savor the food
  • Take a little 5 minute break after you’ve been eating for 10 minutes (helps your brain determine if you’re full or not)

If you get the chance, check out Wondr and let me know what you think!

6. Celebrate Your Small Wins Like Big Wins

woman in green jacket raising her hands
Praise be

Go ahead, do your happy dance just because you put on your workout clothes. High five yourself when you complete a workout. Get yourself some new workout clothes after you’ve worked out two weeks in a row. Celebrate those small wins just as though they were big ones! Because they are.

Making these small changes every day will compound into wonderous results before you know it. You may not lose 50 lbs in two months, but losing 65 lbs in a year is still pretty damn amazing right?

Yes, yes it is.

7. Get A Workout Buddy

group of women exercise using dumbbells

Don’t go it alone! Grab a friend or family member who wants to lose a few pounds or be healthier. Take them on your fitness journey with you! You can motivate each other and be a constant support system. Sometimes you just need someone other than your phone alarm to check in on your workout habits.

Exchanging sweaty selfies in a workout group is fun, too. If you need a friend who is down for the cause, I’m only an IG message away!

8. Set Realistic Expectations

black and white typewriter on green textile

When you’re starting your fitness journey, it’s easy to get a bit wild with your goals. Be realistic and give yourself some grace. Maybe you just had a kid or are recovering from an injury. Maybe you just haven’t worked out in a really freaking long time. Be daring in your workout schedule, but don’t overdo it. Planning to workout for an hour, 7 days a week when you’re just starting is overkill. Instead, start off small and work your way up. Remember, the key is to create the habit of working out and the duration will follow.

BONUS: Stop Waiting For Monday

“I’ll start on Monday” are the famous last words every failed workout journey started with. Stop waiting for Monday! Who cares if you start your fitness journey on a Thursday or Saturday for goodness sake. It’s all about creating that habit of working out. Waiting for the perfect day and time to start is just an excuse you’re giving yourself. It’s like having a baby; there’s never a perfect time or enough prepping you can do. Nike had the right idea when they came up with Just Do It.

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