15 Ways To Make Your Kid’s Playroom Better

There is nothing worse that spending a bunch of money on something just for it to completely flop. I’m here to make sure you don’t do that with your kid’s playroom! Whether you are just starting out with creating a space for your little ones or need ways to improve your current setup, these tips will get you on your way. As per usual, grab that glass of wine, inhale, exhale, let’s do this.

What Even Is A Playroom?

If you really want to create some order in your otherwise chaotic home, your kids need a designated area to play and store their toys.

Introducing, the playroom!

A playroom is typically a kid-friendly room or space where kids can do crafts, play with their toys, do some physical activity, and relax or even nap. It doesn’t have to be super fancy, but it should be functional!

Where Do I Set Up A Playroom?

There is no wrong place to set up a playroom.

We’ll, except a super dangerous place you would want your kids to be anyway!

There are different reasons you could base the location of your playroom:

  • An area near where you spend most of the time during the day like a home office or living room
  • Easy access to a good wifi connection if there will be a tv for streaming or a room with cable hookups
  • Soft floors or carpet if you don’t want to buy floor mats
  • Upstairs or downstairs depending on what works for you
  • One way in and one way out for safety and “wrangling” the kids in and out

Just think about those kinds of things, and you’ll pick the perfect spot!

What Should Be In A Playroom?

white and brown ride-on animal toy

No one knows your kid better than you. Think about if they prefer to be active or sit and do crafts or watch tv, etc. Think about what they enjoy doing (or would like to do) and fill the playroom with that!

Try not to get carried away and create a junky room. The less toys and items means less mess for everyone to clean up, so keep that in mind when planning. Here are 15 ideas to make your playroom better or start you on your decorating journey!

1 Bright and Happy Colors

Photo by Max Vakhtbovych on Pexels.com

No one wants to be in a room with boring and sad colors, especially kids. Spruce it up with a fresh coat of bright paint or decorate the walls with colorful pictures and decor.

From the furniture and flooring to the wall art and play toys, try to keep it bright and light. It’ll help them be in a good mood and actually want to go in their playroom!

2 Toy Cubbies and Drawers

Photo by Tatiana Syrikova on Pexels.com

If you’re thinking about putting smaller toys and play items in the playroom, consider using drawers or cubbies to store them. There are some really cute yet functional toy cubbies at pretty much any store these days.

Keep them accessible to the kids; don’t store anything they would have to reach for. The easier the better.

3 Rugs Rugs Rugs

8 Colorful Kid's Playroom Rugs for a Fun Space | Ruggable Blog

Besides being cute, rugs can have purpose in the playroom, too! Rugs with roads and tracks on them are fun to play on. Rugs with learning activities are great, too!

You also can’t go wrong just buying a really comfortable, soft rug that they would love!

4 Kid-Inspired Wall Art

Floral Garden Wall Art for Kids Bedrooms & Nurseries | Di Lewis

Let your kids paint or draw on a blank canvas board, then hang it up in the playroom! And secretly, between you and me, this is a great place to put all that school art they refuse to let you throw away.

5 Chalkboard Wall

Playroom Interactive Chalkboard Gallery Wall - Erin Spain

If you’re able to paint the walls in your playroom, you might want a chalkboard wall. You can get a bucket of chalkboard paint and convert a basic wall into a new kid favorite!

If paint isn’t an option for you, just grab an already made chalkboard and mount it low for the kids. Get a sealable bucket for the chalk, an eraser, and let the kids go to town.

6 Comfy Sitting Area with Books

Playrooms that are fun and functional - Kathy Corbet Interiors

Lounging in their playroom is one of my kids’ favorite things to do. Throw some bean bags or cushions in the room so they can climb on them! Pair the sitting area with a little bookshelf filled with their favorite books. You can sit and read to them before naptime or let them flip through the pages on their own.

You can even use the bean bag covers that let you fill them with stuffed animals for extra storage.

A couch is a good option, too. If you plan on getting a new living room set, consider putting the used couch in the playroom. That way, if and when it gets destroyed quickly, you won’t hate yourself over it.

7 Craft Corner

Multipurpose Magic: Creating a Smart Home Office and Playroom Combo
Combo playroom and office – https://cdn.decoist.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/01/Keep-an-eye-on-the-kids-as-you-get-some-work-done.jpg

Mini tables and chairs are so freaking cute! They’re even cuter in your playroom. Set up a table and chair area with buckets or drawers of craft items.

  • Colored pencils
  • Markers (if you’re brave)
  • Paper
  • Coloring books
  • Paint and canvases (when supervised)
  • PlayDoh
  • Glue sticks
  • Popsicle sticks
  • Cotton balls
  • And more!

Have a designated storage area for the supplies. Some of them, you’ll want to keep out of reach, so your kid can’t reach them when they’re not supposed to.

8 Foam Tiles

Foam Tiles for Kids | Colorful Foam Mats | SoftTiles

Fill the playroom floor with foam tiles for extra comfort and colorful fun. Colorful foam tiles instantly transform any space into a playroom.

If your playroom already had carpet, you can still lay down some foam tiles. They’re especially helpful for hard floors, though. Kids need cushion in case they take a tumble and comfort while playing on the ground.

9 Adult Sitting Area

25+ Irresistible Playroom Design Ideas - Best Playroom Decorating Ideas

Just because it’s a kids playroom doesn’t mean you won’t ever be in there. Maybe they’re painting or you just want to supervise playtime.

Throw in a rocking chair or any other comfortable seat for you! I love my rocking chair and foot rest in the playroom. The kids can play while I sit there and chill…And have some wine.

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10 Kid-Friendly Lighting

You might not even think lighting matters, but it does! Try to use bright lights for overall mood and an energetic space.

If you can, incorporate ways for the kids to control the lighting if they can’t reach the switch. This helps them be able to go play whenever they want. Smart light bulbs or lamps plugged into smart outlets can be magical.

All your kid had to say is “Alexa, turn on the light” and boom; let the playing commence.

11 Physical Activity Areas

There is a Rock Climbing Wall in our Playroom! — Meaghan's Musings

Playrooms can really be a playroom if you add physical activity items to it.

  • Make a rock climbing wall
  • Indoor swing set or slide
  • Hang a swing or rope from the ceiling
  • Foam climbing obstacles
  • Indoor trampoline

If it’s a rainy day outside, the kids can still get some physical activity in the playroom! These kinds of things will help your kids gain coordination, too!

12 Safety Precautions

Just like you baby proof the rest of your home, do the same in the playroom. Put outlet covers on the sockets, try to use padded or rounded corners for your bigger furniture pieces, etc.

It’s hard to protect them from everything, but just be conscious of making the area as kid-safe as possible! You can even have a rule of no small objects in the playroom.

13 Rules (but the cool kind)

Playroom Rules - For Kids Playroom or Bedroom Canvas Print by  ATimelessCollection | Society6

Speaking of rules, it’s totally acceptable to set some boundaries in the playroom.

They can be fun rules like:

  • Laughing is allowed
  • Smiles are mandatory
  • Good vibes only

Then there are more official rules like:

  • Socks only, no shoes allowed
  • No small objects
  • On Wednesday’s we clean

Have no a designated cleaning day will help your sanity and keep a routine for the kids. Have fun with your rules, but set expectations and boundaries where you need to. Display them in a cute frame just outside the playroom entrance for extra oomf.

14 Forts and Tents

33 Cool Kids Play Rooms With Play Tents - DigsDigs

Kids still love building forts! You can create a fort and tent building area by storing blankets and objects they can use to build. If you have lower structures like a low book shelf or stand in the playroom, store blankets nearby and let the magic happen.

You can also just buy a tent or fort that stays up or collapses after each play time!

15 Storage and Shelves Galore

Playroom Storage Ideas

I know you figured it out by now, but storage is KEY! You can use your storage furniture pieces as room dividers to block off sections of the playroom.

Cubby shelves are great for sectioning off areas, because they’re accesible from both sides.

Do Kids Need A Playroom?

Kids don’t need a playroom, but it definitely helps you have a plan of action when dealing with rowdy little ones.

If you work from home, a playroom is a lifesaver. If you have multiple kids, it helps give them a shared space for bonding and fun. They don’t have to be lavish at all! Playrooms are for your kids, and trust me, they would be happy with a box.

Seriously, think about their first Christmas and how they played with the box more than the toy!

Share Your Playroom!

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Comment a picture or tell The Daily Mama Blog followers about your playroom! If you don’t have one, comment what you would like to put in it believe

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