Oh, Monday

There was an incident this morning that resulted in a thrown away dress and a cowboy boot in front of the door…

I woke up, per usual, and got my day started. As I’m leaving the bathroom, I see a whole dang cricket just chilling in the corner of the room. I fuh-reak out and hurry to the closet to find something to handle the situation.

I grab a skirt to throw on top of it to keep it from jumping around. I then realize the skirt might not be good enough and grab my husband’s cowboy boots; they had some weight to them! I throw them on top, and one of the boots scooted the skirt to free the cricket.

Another freak out ensued right before I realized I had some spray in the kitchen. It never kills the bugs I’m actually trying to kill, so I figure it’ll sedate this mini beast.

I aim and spray, and it starts JUMPING like crazy. It jumps right into one of the boots.

By this point, I’m full on crocodile hunter mode and grab my skirt and throw it on top of the boot. I squeeze the top of the boot with the skirt to seal it and haul ass to the front door. I’m terrified to move my hand and release the boot, so I throw the boot and ball up the skirt just in case it happened to jump up inside.

I leave the boot outside and immediately throw the skirt away when I’m back inside.

Needless to say, it’s been an eventful day, and it ended with a beer.

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