5 Tips You Didn’t Know You Needed: Christmas Edition

I canNOT believe Christmas is next week! This entire year has flown by. One minute it’s a hot girl summer and then snowing the next. I mean, we haven’t gotten snow yet, but you get what I mean.

But don’t get overwhelmed; that never helped anyone. Besides, I’ve got a few tips to keep your life together during this holiday season!

Tip 1: Make a list and don’t check it twice

Save yourself from the over planning loop and just make a list of the people you need to get gifts for. Don’t go overboard and list everyone and their mamas and then continue to add people. Just write them down and write out what you want to get them. Then you can group items by store and knock out the shopping!

Tip 2. Buy family gifts

If you’re shopping for people with kids, it’s always nice and easy to get a family gift. Get something they can enjoy together as a family. Games, gift baskets with hot cocoa and snacks, matching socks and small goodies; it doesn’t have to be wild!

Tip 3: Non-tangible gifts are cool, too

Want to try something different this year? Gift a plane ticket or an experience somewhere! Think outside the gift wrapping box and look for some cool music shows or adventures you can purchase for the outgoing people on your Christmas gift.

Tip 4: Make coupons

If your pockets are pinched and you’re not able to buy the things you want, you can make coupons as gifts for your loved ones. They can redeem them for a personal massage by you, a night of babysitting, or even borrowing your car. Get creative! Some of the best gifts aren’t bought in a store.

Tip 5: Don’t wrap it

This is one of my personal favorite tricks. If you have young kids and hate being wasteful, leave the wrapping paper at the store. Just sit the gifts under the tree and watch their silly excited faces when they see their gifts stacked under the tree Christmas morning.

All of that wrapping and tape just for a few hours of concealment, no thanks. At least not while they’re so small. We may wrap them this year now that they’re a little older. Or

And if you love the excitement of watching them unwrap their gifts, try using recycled materials from around the house!

That’s a wrap!

I hope that was helpful or at least fun to read. Let me know if you try any of these tips!


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