How To Be More Active When You Feel Like Laying In Bed All Day

I’m not going to lie, I’m writing this as I’m laying in bed.

insert troll face

BUT, I promise I won’t be like this for long. I’ll get up and move to finish up work in the office, make several unwilling trips up and down my stairs, play with the kids, and end the day with a great workout. It may not sound like much, but it’s enough to keep me feeling good about myself. When I am stationary for too long, I feel like shit the rest of the day (& sometimes even the next day).

Here are some (fun) ways you can fight off the sedentary blues and keep your blood flowing.

Morning Breathing Exercises

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I started using this app called Breathwork. It’s pretty cool! You can select different breathing exercises to do for different times of the day. The app will teach you the techniques on how to do each exercise to get the desired effect. For example, my morning breathing exercises consists of breathing in through my nose in 4 sniffs and out through my mouth in 2 counts. This quick breathing method helps stimulate your brain and get you going in the morning.

Drop the cup of coffee and pick up something natural. Like air (even though I guess you aren’t picking it up).

Every Hour Movement

Like your Fitbit and smart watches tell you to do, you should move every hour. Whether it’s 250 steps or not, just getting up and stretching your legs and arms will help fight off the lazy.

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I currently have the Fitbit Luxe as well as an Apple Watch. I honestly don’t have a method to which one I choose each day. It’s pretty much whichever is charged and ready to go. I have pros and cons of both and sometimes don’t wear either. On the days that I’m free armin’ it, I make sure I still get up and move! Moving throughout the day will make you more likely to tackle that evening workout or late day chores.

Get Out Of Those Pajamas

They say to dress for success, so unless you’re going to sleep all day on purpose, get out of those pajamas! Even if you want to be comfortable for the day, I still recommend changing from your pajamas and into some other comfortable clothes.

Help your brain out by creating a clear difference in sleeping clothes vs ‘day clothes’. That’s not to say I never have a pajama day on the weekends!

Let The Sunshine In

The natural goodness of the sunlight coming into your home or office will add some spark to you. You don’t have to sit and bask in the sun. Just letting in natural light and turning off some of those warm-toned lights around you will help perk you up!

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I prefer natural light bulbs vs the warm toned light bulbs in areas where I need to be vibrant. I have warm toned light bulbs in lamps and bright white light bulbs everywhere else.

Use A Habit Tracker

Sometimes all we need is a little dot or x marking an accomplished task. Our brains don’t want to break the chain, and that’s what makes habit trackers so successful and helpful!

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You can print free ones from online or download a habit tracker app on your phone. Whatever works for you. I’ve done both and am seeming to have more success with the app I just downloaded. The visual representation of me accomplishing tasks is so rewarding!

I hope you’re able to apply some of these things to your day and create some beautiful morning routines and habits to keep you active. Message me or comment more ideas you have!

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